Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Okay, okay, okay, photos.

Yeah, I suck at the before/after hot/not so hot photos.

I have some now.

Dan and I do a family vacation every July. Here are some comparison photos. Notice the hotness in 2006, and the not-hotness in 2008. The 2nd 2008 photo, I'm cleverly hiding behind his mom.

And since we all know the "turn to the side and twist to make yourself look thinner" move, here's a straight-on view of me from the trip with Dan and our little niece.

That is my most recent "before" photo. I remember that being around 200 lbs... and I'm around 218 right now. My friends say I don't look as fat as I do in this photo... but I also can't really believe them. ;)

And for your oogling pleasure, some photos of how skinny I used to be (pardon the oddness... these are on my fridge for inspiration and I just took pictures of them on my fridge.):

2003-2005 was probably the peak of my hotness.

Vacation with family to Oregon in 2003:

This was a fun time with Jesse and I, where we did "We Both Reached For The Gun" at a party (2005):

2003-2005 was post breakup with that guy I posted about in my first blog post. It's interesting that during this time I was (sort of) seeing this guy who I had wanted since high school, and who would not commit to me. I felt it was an issue of my not being good enough, and so I was the most strict Atkins dieter you ever saw. And I kept the weight off for that whole time. This was the ONLY time in my life I ever heard "you're starting to get too thin." (from my mother.)

It's funny. Sometimes I just wish I was feeling inadequate enough to starve myself silly again. (Though Atkins was not starving, you get my point.)

I just feel like I'll NEVER get to that weight again, and it makes me want to puke and cry simultaneously.

~J (for my 239048309th post today.)

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