Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Studio Coming Alongs

So, by request I'm posting some pictures of the mid-way point of my studio. It's actually probably more like 3/4's of the way. I have put in here some super high quality drawings of what it will be like, to give you a visual.

Trust me, I'll post photos when it's all said and done! :)

The backdrop paper is mounted and up! Note the future "guy in tophat" posing for photos.

The weird things on both sides are supposed to be room dividers. These (3-panel):

That's to separate my studio from the rest of the house. (There's a separate entrance to the studio.) You can see that door on the right of this photo behind the dividers. Oh yeah, the curtains (visible in other photos) will be this really pretty deep purple/maroon color. ...It's not this color that I painted in, but hey, I did this pretty fast.:

Oh yeah, the white x's are stuff that won't be there.

So this one shows the (red representations) of those framed images that will actually on the wall, and the black thing next to it is going to be a permanent strip of black paper for quick headshots.

Yeah, boy!

And since this has nothing much to do with weight, I'll leave you with this deep thought:

Coming tomorrow... the long lost photo of my total ex hotness. I have been digging for it since we moved, and particularly since I started this blog. Get your burritos ready, 'cause it's gonna be hot.



nancy said...

It will be so much nicer and "homier" than your closet studio back at TangleWood. I kinda like the Top Hat man. Think you should keep him somewhere.

Love you!!!!


Unknown said...

I agree with your mama... I like the tophat man too. And thanks for update squashy pickle. Muah.