Thursday, January 12, 2012

Running Report

Oh, holy crap.  I haven't told you people.

I got a treadmill and I'm running again.  Can I tell you how much EASIER it is now that:

1.  I don't weigh 225 pounds... the extra weight off has made it so much easier at the start.
2.  I have a treadmill in my freaking basement, where it's cool, where it's right down the stairs and I don't have to get up and drive anywhere.

((You can see my entries from before, back in May 2009, when I started running but was heavier.  The numbers are pretty darn different.))

Yeah.  So, I'm on day two of running (day off for a much needed massage yesterday!) - and I am really excited to keep up on it.  Here is my report! :)

(PS, this "run" is much more a "jog," but I'm basically brand new to running / walking / exercise at this point.  I haven't been active in a long time, so I'm building up my strength slowly.)  :)

Day 2:  2.11 miles in 45m.
5m - walk - 2.8
9m - run - 3.4
5m - walk - 3.0
6m - run - 3.4
5m - walk - 3.0
4m - run - 3.6
5m - walk - 2.8
5m - walk - 3.0 (incline of 3)
1m - walk - 2.6 (incline of .5)
TOTAL = 45m
(ran 19m, walked 26m)
Estimated calories burned:  370

Day 1:  unknown miles in 35m.
2m - walk - 2.8
8m - run - 3.6
4m - walk - 3.0
4m - run - 3.6
5m - walk - 2.8
3m - run - 3.4
5m - walk - 2.6
TOTAL = 31m
(ran 15m, walked 16m)
Estimated calories burned:  224

On another note, I'm using the Lose it! app.  If anyone wants to be buddies on there, let me know.  I might not be perfect at tracking my food every day, but I will be weighing in at the very least. :)

Also, I should probably attempt to find my Polar watch / heart rate monitor.  It'll give me far better calculations on burned calories.  Or, I could wear my bodybugg... Decisions, decisions.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fed Up.

This is me after the holidays.

It's the truth.  I was previously down to around 161-163 pounds and progressing really nicely.  Then Thanksgiving and Christmas happened and I lost my shit.  I don't know how much I weigh right now but I'm right back in my fat pants (meaning my comfortably loose jeans are now tight fitting) and I'm seriously annoyed at myself.  I'd GUESS I'm around 173-175.  (yikes.)

*edit:  Weighed in the morning of 1/9/12 and I am actually 169.6.  The last weigh-in I had was 11/18/11 at 161.8.  So, in 7 weeks I gained nearly 8 pounds.  Damn, you, chocolate M&M's!

I was lookin' pretty good, doing some karaoke with friends and being confused by this old fangled thing...

Then, Thanksgiving - this is me with my adorable niece...

Then, out to eat, sniffing up a delicious vegetarian dish from a cool restaurant in Chicago:

Hosted a party for all the WI Pro Photographers and hanging out with my mentor, Dave Jackson:

Air guitar on the dance floor:

Beckoning someone to come limbo with us... (yes that is an outfit change.)

Overall good times:

Then came lots of food, sugar, cramming everything into my face, and suddenly I see the New Years Even photos, and I want to die.

So, it's back on track AGAIN.  We actually got a treadmill today which has been long overdue.  It'll arrive in the next few days and will be right downstairs so I can use it every day.  I'm going to give running another try.  I actually haven't done it since I was 220-ish pounds, so I am thinking it'll be a lot easier.

We also got a punching bag.  We all know that will get used, mkay?

So.  I'm sorry for sucking at updating and I'll be back now for a while.  I have lots of fun recipes for you - I still am juicing and I got a dehydrator for Christmas so there are tons of fun things with that as well.  I'm still vegetarian (except for sushi) and am trying again to go closer to a vegan route, cutting dairy out of my diet as well.

I'd like to be back down to my 160 lbs (ish) by Chaser Con in February, and by the time Chasing season starts (end of march / early april) I'd like to be able to comfortably run 2 - 3 miles.  :)