Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nigerian / American

I did my first Nigerian wedding today. It was amazing. :)


Click here for more photos!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in Peace, Michael.

A very, very sad day today. Michael Jackson is confirmed to be dead , cardiac arrest. I'm so sad.

A little tribute to our King of Pop, two of my favorite videos... thanks for the music that touched my life, Michael. You will truly be missed. You rocked our worlds. <3 src="">

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Brother Rocks The Socks.

He graduated from Dental Hygiene school, which is mind blowingly difficult. WAY to go, dude!

Check out my blog entry with a bunch of my favorite photos from the party. :)

<3 Jenn

Monday, June 22, 2009

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

I've eaten about five of these things while visiting in Colorado, and they're freakin' delicious! They are my Mom's concoctions (toasted, with creamy PB and peach jelly.) YUM!

So... It's been an awesome trip. I have a few more days to go yet (I leave on Wednesday night to go back home.)

My food intake has been moderate... I think I'm doing better than I did the last time I was here.

Monday - Dinner - big salad with hard boiled egg, tomato and croutons.
Tuesday - Taco Bell bean burrito with no onion, cheese quesadilla and mac and cheese from the KFC menu. Then Chili's for dinner, 1/4th bean burger, salad, two margaritas.
Wednesday - PB&J sandwich, kick ass veggie sandwich at the Spicy Pickle, iced tea
Thursday - PB&J sandwich, leftover chili's. Three beers, one martini, one slice of artichoke and spinach pizza
Friday - PB&J sandwich, Olive Garden for dinner (salad, breadsticks, mushroom stuffed ravioli with roasted tomato cream sauce), a ridiculous number of Coors Light's (shared three pitchers with Wes and Jesse)
Saturday - Brother's Graduation Party: One veggie dog w/mustard and sauerkraut, one black bean burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup and mayo, handful of doritos, handful of organic tortilla chips with guacamole, handful of black and green olives, one piece graduation cake. I broke my vegetarianism for a four inch strip of Brisket made from super organic free range meat. A variety of veggies and fruits. That night was Wes' birthday party where I had something like five or six Pineapple Vodka/Sprite Zero's, some bean dip with tortilla chips and a roll with butter.
Sunday - PB&J (best hangover food, seriously) - big salad again, watermelon, tortilla chips with beans. Three tawaka bombs, 10 coors lights, drunk again.

So, it hasn't been too bad. I just really went nuts with the drinking this weekend. It's so funny, I don't drink in Milwaukee very much unless we have like, "margarita night" with friends once in a blue moon. But when I come home, it's a party all the time. Don't worry, I always have a Designated Driver, or I stay over at the person's house I'm visiting with. :)

My working out has, of course, taken a slight nosedive into nearly nonexistent. I brought the Zumba DVD's as I mentioned before. (Don't really like them that much to be honest with you guys, but I'll talk more about it later.) I did Zumba on Wednesday, then helped a friend wash wallpaper glue off his walls for 3 hours on Thursday, then helped my Dad paint on Friday, so I got some good activities in. After that though, I haven't done anything else. I was thinking about running outside tomorrow night or something. I haven't run in awhile, and it would be nice to run toward the park to see how far I can go. (I used to run when I lived at home.)

SO! I don't know what the plans are for the rest of the week, per se, but they should be winding down. I know I don't want to drink tonight... I'm getting too old for this shit.

:) <3


Monday, June 15, 2009

I am not a terrorist.

How do you like my flying shirt? I like to wear this to the airport. I am not sure if they like it or not, but I've yet to have anyone ask me to turn it inside out. Tee-hee!

Some people have asked me what it means. Well, there are lots of people who throw great big huge hissy fits when professional photographers want to photograph places like, oh, say... train stations or amusement parks. There are whacked out security guards who will try to demand that you hand over your film, memory cards, or even your camera (which is all illegal, and they can kiss my ever round ass.) -- So this shirt is my way of reminding folks that photography is art. It's expression. Are you gonna run up to a sketch artist drawing a beautiful rendition of Grand Central Station and demand his pad and pencil? I doubt it. Buttholes.

I'm currently at the airport in Milwaukee, waiting to hop on a plane to the Mile High City (Denver.) -- I'll be home for 9 days, and it's the first time I felt like the trip home is coming a little sooner than I want it to. With us just having moved into our new place and so much to do at my studio, I feel like I'm skipping out on a bunch of work that I need to get done. But, it'll be awesome to see friends and family. And I brought along my Zumba DVD's, so I'm going to make my Mom do some with me! :)~


Zumba DVD's!

So, I ordered a set of Zumba DVD's, and they got here SUPER fast. I'll be testing them out this week, so stay tuned!

We're all settled into the new place - I'll be posting photos soon.

Things have been super busy as I have shared with you guys. I am leaving tomorrow to go to Denver for 9 days to visit with friends and family! I'll do my best to update my blog while I'm there. I'm sure I'll end up hanging out with Wes and Jesse while we all sit in Wes' livingroom with our laptops out like a trio of super nerds, and I'll have plenty of time to blog away!

Speaking of blogs, I gave my photography blog a pretty little makeover tonight. Please stop by and check it out HERE! :)


Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm a little obsessed.

I had to share a few more of the funkier ones from Trish and Aaron's wedding. I can't stop! :)

Click HERE for all the photos.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Don't say I'm chubby.

Update! It's a miracle! I'm alive!

Hehehe... yeah, sorry for the crappy updating lately. I've got internet in my new place now so we should be all set.

Today I had Zumba for the first time in a few weeks and it was AWESOME. I missed it. I love it. I bought some DVD's tonight so I can do Zumba on non Zumba class days. So, anyways... I showed up a bit early and was chatting with my instructor while I stretched. She said, "So what classes do you teach?" HAHAHA! I laughed and said I didn't work at the gym or teach classes. She said, "Wow, I thought you did. You definitely should!" Now, this is obviously because I have a kick ass ridiculously goofy personality in class, and NOT because of my stamina or physical ability. Because I'd have to have a slight water break in the middle of my hour Zumba class. Oh, and I should do it for another six months with some dance classes on top of it. BUT it made me feel really good. I'm finally to the point where she'll tell people in the class to follow me for the moves if she grabs water or adjusts the volume on the stereo. It's a lot more fun with a little bit of pride attached to it. :)

Okay, so I'm wondering something. Today I was thinking about how much it sucks when someone mentions my weight. Whether I hear "you're losing weight" or "Hey, tubby. Ha-ha, I'm just kidding," or whatever... it really makes me cringe. WHY is that? I have no problem talking about my weight (here on my blog) or to my boyfriend, or my Mom, or whatever. But whenever someone takes it upon themselves to comment on it, it just makes me nuts.

Not only do I feel crappy about myself when my weight is mentioned, I also feel pissed off that someone thinks they have any right to make any kind of comment on my fatness. Seriously. I never am in the supermarket and say to a chubby gal buying ice cream "Um, try the sorbet, it's fat free."

Then again, I have absolutely no problem telling my Mom how hot and skinny she looks in her size 8 or 10 jeans.

((sigh))-- I just hate that I've been at 207 forEVER, and just won't budge.

I will say that I haven't ((GAINED)) in the last few weeks. I have eaten way more sugar than I should be eating and my face breaks out every time. Yet, I went to Walgreens today and bought double stuff oreos (mostly for Dan) and some mint icecream for myself. Why? I have no idea. I'm literally yelling at myself "What is my fucking problem?" as I'm putting the ice cream in the basket. The lady at Walgreens asked three people in the line in front of me "Any M&M's or Snickers today?" She didn't ask me if I wanted either. I'm guessing she must have decided I didn't need to be offered junk food, as it was clear I already had enough of it.

Oh yeah, and I haven't done any running in 2 weeks. And I suck.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

The One Ring

Hey guys.

I'm really sorry I've been sucking so bad at updating recently. I have been swamped with photo shoots and we're moving tomorrow so it's been pack, work, sleep. :(

I promise I'll be more consistent after the move. :)

In the mean time, check out the wedding I did today:

Click HERE
for more photos!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

There is No Spoon.

It's amazing how little we really use of our human potential.

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