Monday, June 22, 2009

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

I've eaten about five of these things while visiting in Colorado, and they're freakin' delicious! They are my Mom's concoctions (toasted, with creamy PB and peach jelly.) YUM!

So... It's been an awesome trip. I have a few more days to go yet (I leave on Wednesday night to go back home.)

My food intake has been moderate... I think I'm doing better than I did the last time I was here.

Monday - Dinner - big salad with hard boiled egg, tomato and croutons.
Tuesday - Taco Bell bean burrito with no onion, cheese quesadilla and mac and cheese from the KFC menu. Then Chili's for dinner, 1/4th bean burger, salad, two margaritas.
Wednesday - PB&J sandwich, kick ass veggie sandwich at the Spicy Pickle, iced tea
Thursday - PB&J sandwich, leftover chili's. Three beers, one martini, one slice of artichoke and spinach pizza
Friday - PB&J sandwich, Olive Garden for dinner (salad, breadsticks, mushroom stuffed ravioli with roasted tomato cream sauce), a ridiculous number of Coors Light's (shared three pitchers with Wes and Jesse)
Saturday - Brother's Graduation Party: One veggie dog w/mustard and sauerkraut, one black bean burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup and mayo, handful of doritos, handful of organic tortilla chips with guacamole, handful of black and green olives, one piece graduation cake. I broke my vegetarianism for a four inch strip of Brisket made from super organic free range meat. A variety of veggies and fruits. That night was Wes' birthday party where I had something like five or six Pineapple Vodka/Sprite Zero's, some bean dip with tortilla chips and a roll with butter.
Sunday - PB&J (best hangover food, seriously) - big salad again, watermelon, tortilla chips with beans. Three tawaka bombs, 10 coors lights, drunk again.

So, it hasn't been too bad. I just really went nuts with the drinking this weekend. It's so funny, I don't drink in Milwaukee very much unless we have like, "margarita night" with friends once in a blue moon. But when I come home, it's a party all the time. Don't worry, I always have a Designated Driver, or I stay over at the person's house I'm visiting with. :)

My working out has, of course, taken a slight nosedive into nearly nonexistent. I brought the Zumba DVD's as I mentioned before. (Don't really like them that much to be honest with you guys, but I'll talk more about it later.) I did Zumba on Wednesday, then helped a friend wash wallpaper glue off his walls for 3 hours on Thursday, then helped my Dad paint on Friday, so I got some good activities in. After that though, I haven't done anything else. I was thinking about running outside tomorrow night or something. I haven't run in awhile, and it would be nice to run toward the park to see how far I can go. (I used to run when I lived at home.)

SO! I don't know what the plans are for the rest of the week, per se, but they should be winding down. I know I don't want to drink tonight... I'm getting too old for this shit.

:) <3



Unknown said...

mmm Peach jelly sounds SO good! Seems like your having a fun time! :) Enjoy!

MizFit said...

and the getting too old for this sh*t?



Anonymous said...

Mmm, I had a PB&J sandwich, too. I need to find some peach jelly, I don't really like the berry ones as much. I was also impressed by how much good food is in CO. We have good food out here in CA, too, but it's more vegetarian (not that there's anything wrong with that), and it's got too many adjectives, so they can jack up the price.

I'm getting too old for this shit, too. Not that I've ever been able to handle alcohol, but now I'm so tired the next day.