Sunday, May 30, 2010

8 Pounds in 8 Days?

Well, yep!  I am guessing the Cancun/eating crap weight wasn't "real" weight.  I've lost 8 pounds in the last 8 days, and that definitely can't be "real" weight.  So!  The good news is that I'm down to 172.5 as of this morning.  That's bloody brilliant!

Now for the new weight loss goal!

I want to be 160 (actually I want to be 159, 'cause it just sounds/looks/feels better...) by the time I go back home for my birthday, August 15th.  That means I have 10 weeks to lose 13 pounds.  TOTALLY healthy, and totally doable.

Any of you renewing your weight loss goals?  I know I'm not the only one who has gotten a tad loosey goosey over the last few weeks (months,) so I thought I'd ask.  I've been going through so much salad, it's kind of insane.  The other night I ate a pound of asparagus for dinner.  (THAT pee smelled for about 24 full hours.)  But, it's feeling good.  I actually forgot how much I enjoy salad!  I couldn't remember the last time I made a big, delicious salad, and now I'm back to doing one a day for a meal.  Mmmm!

So!  In other news, I've been pretty busy.  (shocker.)  I did a few entry shots for the Insatiable Host's Pinup Contest, so you can see my cheesy-ness, and also some sort of "now" photos of me.  Took them two days ago:

Also, did an engagement session on Friday (click HERE for those images):

And rocked out a boudoir session last night (click HERE for hers):

Overall, things are good, and I'm glad to sorta-kinda be back in the blogging semi regularly groove.  I need to do it more though.  Also, I keep thinking about jump roping.  I have three of them and I NEVER do it.  I want to start.  Anybody else out there jump roping?  Tell me that it's fun and you love it!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Bitch is Back.

1.  The Bitch (me), back from Cancun.
2.  The Bitch (weight), back up to 180.

A week of all-inclusive vacation bliss was awesome~!  Thanks for the recommendation for the Blanc Martini too... that was freakin' delicious.  I recommend the Riu Cancun resort for anyone looking to vacation in Cancun.  The staff was fantastic and friendly, the pools are wonderful and the beach was gorgeous.

I will say, with regret, that I'm back up to 180 as of this morning.  It's not period weight, it's not an overdose of sodium... it's pure and solid weight gain.  I haven't been 180 since November of last year.  That means I've (sort of) maintained my weight over the last six months but... actually I've been on a slow and steady up and sort of down, and sort of up again +2 lbs per month-ish trend since January.  I was down to 167.6 on January 15th, so it took me two months to lose those 12 pounds, and 4 months to gain them back.  Ugh!

So... what was I doing to lose those 12 pounds?  I went back in time and realized it was the lower calorie eating I did. 

I have slacked on the Eat.Stop.Eat program, and the resort situation  put a major dent in those efforts.  I couldn't NOT eat for 24 hours on this trip.  I still really think that it could work really well for me, so I'd like to give it another solid go-round.

I'm stocked with a ton of salad at the house, but I need to go shopping.  Need staples like chicken, frozen veggies and some other healthy goods.

Also, a quick note, my friend Beth over at the B.E.T.H. Approach is doing her first giveaway, so you should go check it out!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stop. Eat. Cancun!

What's up, all!?

So.  I'm sitting here with a delicious Diet Coke, updating you all on my blog.  And I'm doing it from the beautiful Riu Cancun hotel.

I've never done the All-Inclusive thing before, and let me tell you... it's awesome.  Awesome and wonderful, and awful.  Margarita, Pina Colada, Blue Ocean, Stawberry Daquiri.  Tequila, tequila, tequila.  You guys, there is a liquor dispenser in our ROOM.  A full bottle each of rum, whiskey, vodka and tequila.  And a fridge full of mixers.  Everything is included, 24 hours, and it's awesome.  But I can tell you, there's no way I can "stop" this week.  I'm fully planning to come back to Milwaukee with an extra five or ten pounds on me.

It's a good thing I have three different bathing suits with me.  I have my "fat girl" bathing suit... the one that'll basically fall off of me if I were to go down a water slide or something... the bathing suit my Mom lent me which is a vintagey kind of halter/marilyn type of suit, and my "hot" suit I just got a few months ago.

Somehow, I'm wearing the white size 12's I bought from Old Navy.  They were too tight for me a few weeks ago and they're fitting today, so I don't know what that's all about.  I feel like I've been drinking SO MUCH SUGAR.

Anyhoo!  I'm here through the 20th, so I just thought I'd throw you guys an update about that.  I thought you might want to know why you might not be hearing from me for over a week.  Then I realized that happens even when I'm NOT in Cancun.  I do apologize again for the lack of updates and posts.  Things have been mad crazy with the studio and lots of shoots.

Speaking of, here's the latest one.  I did a promotional shoot for some fellow photographers.  For me, that's one of the greatest compliments I can get.  If another photographer wants me to do their promo images... that's rad!

Click here for Miranda and Adam's shots. :)


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Whoa, Nelly!

Has it seriously been a WEEK since I've posted here?  I'm so sorry, you guys.  Truly.  Life is super, super busy for me right now. 

I had two more photo shoots (Michele's Portraits here, and a lovely double boudoir shoot here.) -- Also, lots of meetings, the bringing on of an intern, the development of JBe Boudoir, a new business partnership and not to mention the work on the studio is still ongoing. :)

So, a few of you have asked so I thought I'd update on Eat. Stop. Eat.  Things are going well!  I was telling my Dad earlier today that I feel like I'm about a half-week behind schedule on it, and it's resulting in weight maintenance instead of weight loss.  So I'm doing the "stop" about once every four days instead of say, every 3 days.  I believe if I could just get a bit more proactive about it, it would work great.  I WILL say that it's wonderful not worrying about what I'm eating.  I just had some double stuff oreos with basically no guilt.  :)

Hope you're all well!  :)