About Me


My name is Jenn.  I'm a 29-year old woman who is trying to better herself and her health.  I'm a professional photographer and storm chaser.  I have lost 60 pounds.  I've got a little ways to go yet. 
I married the love of my life on 8/27/11.  I was about 175 pounds on that day, and that's just fine.

A lot of people comment or ask, "What is the deal with the "Ex Hot Girl" thing?  You're hot now!"  Well, I do appreciate that.  And sometimes there are days I'd agree with you, too.  But here's the deal.  I started this blog in a place of needing to change my life and wanting to change my body.  I missed who I used to be (read:  happy, healthy and hot.)  So, when I started this blog, I was an Ex Hot Girl.  And now that I'm closer to where I used to be... well, I might just be "Jenn" now.  But, the "Ex Hot Girl" title is something that represents this blog for those who have been here with me since the beginning of this journey.  It represents women who feel the way I felt.  It might even represent you.  And even if it doesn't represent you... it might be something you can relate to.  Somehow.  And you know what?  That's fabulous.  And it's what I'm here for.

Plus, who the hell wants to read "Hot Girl:  The blog"?

I'll expand this section later.  For now, you can check out a few things:

My photography site here.
My dream journal blog here.
My storm chasing adventures here.

For now, stay healthy and stay happy.  The world is your oyster.