Friday, June 10, 2011

Update a roonie

Yeah, I suck at life, and especially, at blogging here.

The weight is the same, hovering between 168 and 173.  I'm storm chasing all the freakin' time, and when I'm not doing that, I'm planning my wedding and photographing the weddings of other people.

I should be getting my wedding dress any day now, and I'm beyond excited, and super nervous, and I hope it fits.  Holy crap, I'm getting married in 11 weeks.  11 WEEKS!

Beyond that, there's not a whole lot to report.  I broke my toe, so I haven't been able to resume walking in nicer weather, and I haven't bought a bike yet.  It should be another 4 weeks before my toe is healed.  And I didn't even break it in a good way, like sky diving (though that's what I tell people,) or cage fighting or in a bear trap.  I got out of bed in the middle of the night to pee, and stepped on a shoe or something, and jammed my foot in such a way that I broke it.  I'm the worlds biggest klutz.

It has definitely made photographing weddings interesting, but it would take a whole hell of a lot more than this to stop me. ;)  On that note, here are a few recent weddings... :)~

Travis & Doug's fabulous and emotional Gay Denver Wedding!  [Click HERE for that!]

Kari & Dave's sexy Milwaukee Wedding - fashion and sass!  [Clicky HERE]

Sandy & Eddie's Milwaukee beertastic Brewhaus wedding - [Clickadoo HERE]

Missy & Ted's Eat Drink & be Married wedding - [Clicktastic HERE!]