Thursday, December 9, 2010

A recipe? Yup!

How's it going, y'all?

Well, just thought I'd pop in - realized it's been a little while since I came by and updated you guys.

Weight loss is totally at a stand-still, and I'm not exactly sure why.  I have a feeling my body is trudging through the extra pounds / calories from the Thanksgiving holiday when I totally overdid it.  I'll see how things feel in another few weeks.

Hmm, so what else is new?  I made a really yummy dinner the other night.  Now that wedding busy season is done, I can actually cook again.

Cod with Sauteed Garlic Spinach and Asparagus!

First I put a pad of butter in the pan, melted it and added 1/2 tbsp of chopped garlic.  Then, two giant handfuls of spinach, and put a lid on it.  This wilts the spinach quickly. :)


After the spinach wilts I like to sautee it for about 2-3 minutes in the garlic and butter.  A little salt and pepper, and then it's on the plate.

Then in the mean time, I'll have my cod (defrosted / fresh) in a pan over medium heat with some butter.  I like to season mine with salt, pepper, and herbs de provence.  You can use whatever tickles your fancy.

I'll also put a lid on this just to steam the fish a little more effectively.  I find this cooks the fish through so it's nice and flaky, and doesn't produce a browned or crispy exterior on the fish.  I like my fish soft and delicious.

Cod and asparagus both cook VERY quickly.  You seriously only need about 6-8 minutes for the fish and about 5-7 for the asparagus.  Same old story here... just cut off the ends, boil some water and drop 'em in.  When you can easily pierce them with a fork, they're done.

So, put the fish on the sauteed spinach, and serve up your asparagus.  I like butter and salt on mine.  Oh, and I like to put a bit of extra ground black pepper on the cod, and top it off with some paprika for a bit of color. :~)

So, there ya have it!  Two healthy and super delicious dinners.  Overall this probably cost me 8 bucks to make.  (The cod was on sale for a little under $4, and the asparagus was probably $3.50 or so.)  :)~