Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Tornadoes and some other stuff.

Well, first thing's first.  Thank you guys so much for entering the giveaway!  And now for the random winner:

So!  DEB!  Send me an e-mail at with your shipping info and we'll get you hooked up with your very own Quantum Scale!  Thanks to everyone for entering.

Now, I'd like to ask you guys a quick favor. :)  I don't know if you remember when I did this photo shoot for my close, good friends and their band... MESTIZO!

Well, they're poor.  (Duh, they're musicians.)  They are also in this contest for free studio time.  So, they need lots of votes to win some free studio time from Marquee Magazine.  If you would pop over by clicking THIS LINK, and voting for Mestizo, it takes two seconds, you do NOT have to register or give any info.  That'd be amazing, y'all.

In other news, since I should probably throw something in here about weight / health / fitness / etc... I weighed in this morning with the Quantum scale at -3.4.  Apparently I'm up .6 pounds.  I've been totally lax, I go back and forth, I suck.  I also just saw this photo of myself, and I'm not too happy about my apparent ARM GIRTH. 

I need to remember I have around 1 month until Engagement Photos take place, and the wedding is 128 days away.  Holy crap, I'm not eating anymore.  Well, okay, that's extreme.  I'm going to really have to buckle down.

And yes, that was me at a Chaser Convergence (fancy ass way of saying "a bunch of nerdy weather freaks and photographers standing in a parking lot waiting for storms to fire) on my most recent storm chase.  Skip & I had our most close encounter (EVER) to a tornado.  Here are a few of my favorite photos... and you can click HERE to view the full chase log on my photography blog, complete with lots of photos and info - and links to some amazing video of how close we got. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tornadoes, sexy ladies, and a GIVEAWAY!

Heyo mayo!

Welp, I'm here to explainify my absence over the last couple of weeks.  Well, I can't really justify HOW LONG HOLY CRAP I've been gone, but I have had a few things keeping me busy.  Boudoir marathons, photo shoots, storm chasing.  Love, love.

You guys know I've been getting more into storm chasing recently.  Well, we had a big day over the weekend, and you can read my blog post over at the photography blog about the huge tornado intercept in Mapleton.  This bad boy was rated an EF3.  Massive damage to the town :( and definitely one for the record books.  Especially considering it was in Iowa.  In APRIL.
I'll be trying to do a LOT more storm chasing over the season as I've found an amazing couple of chasers to go out with, particularly Skip Talbot of Convective Addiction.  Just know I'm in good hands - he's been chasing a long time, he's a moderator for a prominent severe weather forum, and overall a really nice person whom I trust very much. :)

Also, I've launched a new website for the Boudoir branch of my business - 
Boudoir Milwaukee (A JBe Production, of course) - you should go LIKE it on Facebook and check out the site.  Any feedback is more than welcome!

So.  In other news, I've gotten a groovy scale I've wanted to try for a while.  It's the Quantum Scale!

I've been using it for a little over a week now.  The first registered result showed "-4".  Meaning, the scale in its pretty pinkness told me I was down four pounds from my post bingeathon period weight.  That's to be expected.  Yet, I find myself in my own brain, trying to remember what my last weight was, and trying to subtract.  I've forced myself to NOT use the other scale I have... (you know, the number one,) and just focus on the overall progress.

The neat thing is that it's an OVERALL loss scale, so it's not showing you your individual loss per week (or per day) - it's showing your total loss from when you started using the scale.  I think it's a pretty fantastic idea, so we're constantly seeing our TOTAL progress, and not focusing on the "crap, I only lost .2 pounds this week?!"  As long as we can make our focus the overall journey of our loss, and see the totality of our achievements as they go along... I think the Quantum Scale could truly be a powerful tool in weight loss, but also in maintaining the integrity of our self esteem.

I can say I've felt pretty good in my own body the last week, but I will really have to pay attention to the progress I make over the next few weeks / months.  I've always been a very numbers driven person, but I also have been sort of stalled over the past month so maybe this is the new way to go.

On THAT note, I also have a giveaway for you guys!  You can have one of your VERY OWN Quantum Scales, courtesy of Quantum Scales! :)~

To enter, you can do one of a few things:

1.  Like Ex Hot Girl on Facebook.
2.  Like JBe Photography on Facebook.
3.  Like Boudoir Milwaukee on Facebook.  (Yes, I'm whoring myself out.  Yup.)
4.  Tweet this blog post on Twitter, tag @exhotgirl.

***No matter which one(s) you do above, make sure you COMMENT on this post and let me know which ones you did!***

The contest will END Monday, 4/18/2011, so hurry on up and get those entries in. :)