Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wednesday Weigh-in Day!

Okay, whoops.  It's Thursday.  But shiz gets crazy.

So!  I've been maintaining a vegan diet, mostly low-fat other than some EVOO and avocado, two things I cannot give up.  Juicing, smoothies, vegetable soups, salads and veggie stir-frys.  :)


Dates:      Jan 1 /  Jan 8
Weights:  180.3 / 174.6
Chest:        41" / 41"
Waist:        34" / 32"
Bootie:       43" / 43"
Hips:       41.5" / 41"
Thighs:      26" / 25.5"

I haven't gotten much back into exercise yet because I have been sick this past week (feeling better the last couple of days.) -- Add to that how insanely cold it is, leaving the house is not so desirable, and neither is the treadmill in my basement where it's equally freezing.  BRrrrrrr!

And I should also say:  THANK YOU for all the sweet comments on my return to blogging!  I missed y'all too.

So, here are a few photos of my juicing / blending station and a bunch of the produce I have on hand right now.


So, tips on falling back in love with fruits and veggies?  That one is simple.  Cut everything else out of your diet for a while.  If you want to reset your tastebuds, you have to stop eating the things that make you feel like those foods aren't delicious.  The culprits for me are animal products and salt, primarily.  For a lot of people sweets would be included in that.

Take time off of processed foods and animal products.  Seriously.  You'll sit down to some cherry tomatoes, spinach and avocado with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and think, "HOLY SHIT, this tastes freaking amazing, where has this BEEN ALL MY LIFE?"  (I know, because that happened to me last week.)

Veggies have plenty of protein.  Add in some beans and or tofu, and you're set.  If it's cold and you're hungry, eat some oatmeal.  (Not the sugary flavored crap.  Plain + some cinnamon.  Add some agave nectar or a few slices of fresh fruit if you want a little sweetness.)  Drink some vanilla soy or almond milk.  It's *delicious.*

And hummus.  I can't say enough about hummus.  HUMMUS.  Did I mention I love hummus?  Because:  HUMMUUUUUUUUUS!


On that note I enjoyed some "chocolate milk" juice this morning.  (Pictured first above; romaine lettuce +carrot in the juicer.  Seriously.  Tastes like friggin' chocolate milk.)  The 2nd juice there is a zippy snappy tangy juice made of:  2 oranges, 1 lemon, 1/2" ginger root, 2 carrots, 1 cucumber.  YUM!

So how are you guys doing?  New Years Resolutions?  Recommitting to healthy living?  New eating plans?  Tell me all about it.



Unknown said...

I totally second the hummus! I am bringing it back to basics with more fruits & veggies too, and I'm with you on the cutting back of salt & animal proteins. When I start eating too much of them, I cannot rely on my fruits & veggies to satisfy me.

I have to admit that while I love the idea of juicing, I can't do it. It looks glamorous and the juices actually taste great, but I need chewing in my life. So I'll live vicariously through you, but it will be mixed fruit and chopped salads for me. :)

A. said...

I haven't been able to get into hummus. =/ I did try. Maybe I need to keep trying.... Hm.

I'm envious of your juicing balls. Seriously, I'm all sorts of intimidated. Ahhh! But the tangy one sounds delicious.. Do you just pull these recipes out of your arse, or do you have a book/site you go by?

And, carrots - raw? Cooked? I'm a newb. But I'm interested! =D

Sadly agreeing that shit needs to be cut from the diet. =/ It's a slow process here to weed out all processed foods, or at least the bulk. That's a resolution - eat more cleanly. And at home more often. Being busy is starting to sound like a really stupid excuse.

Cole Walter Mellon said...

Welcome back, J-bird. Glad you didn't get swept up by a twister. Great to see you updating this place (it was getting dusty).

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it tasted like chocolate milk lol, still looks yummy though :)


Kari said...

Love, love, LOVE hummus! What are your thoughts about kale? I do the kale chips...drizzle a little evoo and a little kosher salt and bake them up in the oven.

-Kari @

Jennifer Wear said...

I just found your blog while actually searching for Paleo weight loss blogs. Not sure how that happened, but I'm still intrigued by your story. Have you investigated the connection between thyroid health and veganism? It's the reason I ditched vegetarianism and went paleo. I'm just curious if you've had any problems with your thyroid?

Jennifer Hamlin said...

Yay! You are blogging again! Love it! :) I need to get back on the vegan bandwagon again. It is so much healthier! Have you ever tried the 5:2 diet? I have been doing it for the past 3 months and I am convinced I will be doing this for life and that most people would benefit from doing it too. It is a new way of eating and resetting your insulin sensitivity. The weight just falls off too. Look at this video (there are heaps of other resources online)
Keep up the great work Jenn, you are inspiring!