Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in Peace, Michael.

A very, very sad day today. Michael Jackson is confirmed to be dead , cardiac arrest. I'm so sad.

A little tribute to our King of Pop, two of my favorite videos... thanks for the music that touched my life, Michael. You will truly be missed. You rocked our worlds. <3 src="">

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Ashley said...

Dirty Diana and The Way You Make Me Feel are my favorites.

Can't believe he died.

M said...

I loooove "The Way You Make Me Feel." I can dance to that song like no ones business. I wasnt a huge fan but my dad was.

A sad thing...I really do hope he rests in peace.

Hanlie said...

I know... I feel sad about it too!

Joania said...

Remember the time and WAY TOO MANY others to mention. Thanks for doing this..I loved Michael, very sad indeed..RIP!!