Saturday, June 6, 2009

The One Ring

Hey guys.

I'm really sorry I've been sucking so bad at updating recently. I have been swamped with photo shoots and we're moving tomorrow so it's been pack, work, sleep. :(

I promise I'll be more consistent after the move. :)

In the mean time, check out the wedding I did today:

Click HERE
for more photos!


M said...

Haha, by the time I get back, you BETTER be more situated!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Hey my mom is getting married in October and we're looking around for photographers and whatnot and I thought of you, she's wondering about how much your rates are. If you could let me know that'd be great! :)

Abrunz said...

nobody shaves for weddings anymore, huh? alright then.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hun! Your photos are beautiful! Any tips for an aspiring photography student.