Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Price of Eating Healthy

I've realized that the grocery industry is pretty clever.

People will pay high prices for whatever it is they think they need, and this time of year, it's healthy food. Usually the low-fat varieties of things are cheaper... but today at the grocery store, on January 13th - right in the throws of New Years Resolutions... they were expensive!!! For one week's worth of groceries, I spent $85. And that doesn't count the "staples" I already have.


And on a different note... I'm totally in love with Kate Winslet. I'm watching her on Oprah right now, and she is EXQUISITE.

Anyone in the Milwaukee area want to go see her two movies with me this week? (The Reader and Revolutionary Road)????

Please say yes. Because if not, I'll end up going by myself. :(



Danielle said...

You may be in love with Kate but I am have platonic girl-envy-lust over your hair in that picture! I used to get funky with my hair when I was younger but I lost my fun hair balls (?) when I started to gain weight. I think someone influential told me that fat girls looked dumb with funky hair (I know, completely wrong and terrible- but I was a teenager and bought it). I wish I remembered who it was so I could punch them in the face now... ha!

Buying organic brands can get pretty pricey. Sometimes I have to give it up and make my own from scratch or go generic. Depends...

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

I hate that stores charge more for healthy food. Its ridiculous to be paying more for nutritional value. But such is life.