Friday, January 16, 2009

This Working Out Thing is Working Out!

So... I've been good this week. Not GREAT, but good.

My workouts for the week:
Monday - 30 mins on the elliptical (level 3) + 30 mins strength training
Tuesday - 30 mins on the bike (level 5)
Wednesday - off -- really sore muscles
Thursday - 35 mins on the elliptical - interval training
Friday - 40 mins on the elliptical - interval training

I need to do more strength training, and should have done some tonight. I skipped it because I planned to do the "CoMMotion" workout class tomorrow morning, which I knew I could NOT do if my legs were as sore as they tend to get when I do lunges and bosu work.

Unfortunately I'm not going to be going to the class tomorrow because my car battery is dead. Poor Dave had to give me two jumps today!

So, overall it's been a good week. I averaged (Since Saturday, not including today) 1316.33 calories per day, not including the caloric deficit from working out. My net calories averaged 1150.83 per day. The net calories are a little low, but I don't usually feel like eating back my workout calories, because I'm usually not hungry.

With my working out 4 days this week, I really feel like I did a good job.

And with my caloric intake, I should hopefully see a drop of 1-2 lbs on the scale next Tuesday (assuming I keep it up through the weekend!) :)~


PS... Yesterday a man collapsed in the men's showers at my gym. I hope he's okay


Hanlie said...

Well done on the exercise!

I noticed the other day at my gym that there's a crash cart, like you see on "ER", in our gym. Makes me feel okay about pushing myself hard!

Anonymous said...
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