Saturday, January 17, 2009

Footie Pajamas and Food.

It was so cold yesterday I just couldn't get warm. I was wearing socks, footie pajamas, pants over the footie pajamas, a shirt under and a jacket over the footie pajamas.


I had a nice sandwich and soup:

And this morning tried to emulate the uber healthy morning breakfast I see on all of your health blogs... oatmeal, flaxseed, banana and almond butter. I didn't have any walnuts. ;)

So, what else is new? Today I will be buying a new battery for my car.

I think the cold brings out my car problems. Grrrrr! >:(



Hanlie said...

That's almost an exact replica of my breakfast. The only difference is that I had tahini (sesame seed paste) instead of almond butter.

Do you not grind your flax seeds? I find that they go straight through me if I don't grind them, which mean that I'm not getting the healthy oil.

Jenn said...

I do grind them (a few posts down I show the mortar and pestle.) :) I might not get every single one, but I break 'em up pretty good! :)