Friday, January 9, 2009

Meringue Hour

Okay. Can anybody tell me what "Meringue Hour" is? I went to the gym tonight like a good, faithful, weight losing lady, and I was greeted by a big sign at the front desk that said "Gym Closed Tonight From 6-8pm - Meringue Hour!" Does this mean that the whole gym staff decided to close the gym and eat meringue pies for a few hours? And isn't 6-8pm two hours, not just one fun-filled meringue hour?

So. I drove down there and didn't get to work out. Unfortunately this gym closes at 9pm, and I got there at 7 - I just couldn't wait around. It's the most awesome gym... just not 24 hours, or late hours, which kind of sucks. I also brought my camera because I wanted to take photos of the gym to show you guys. That will have to wait until next time. But, I got to brush 50 lbs of snow off of my car, so maybe that counts for something. :)~ I also returned "Righteous Kill" to the Blockbuster on my way back. So, I accomplished two things. :)

By the way, has anyone seen this movie yet? I love the cast in it (John Leguizamo, anyone?!??!!?) -- but it was a bit odd. I liked it, in general, but it's definitely not one of those movies I'd freak out to go buy.

And I'll apologize in advance... no fancy recipe blogging tonight. We're doing leftovers, and I'm trading out the Chicken Breast Florentine recipe I was supposed to do tonight for the Tuna Salad recipe next week that Dan would never eat. :)



Cheryl said...

Maybe they meant "merengue" like the dance?


Bella said...

That's what I was thinking--the dance. :) Which is still exercise, so I guess that makes sense.

Jenn said...

I'm such a goof, you guys are probably completely right... And I bet that's what the sign said. Guess it shows where my mind is at. I want pie!!! :)~