Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Favorite Searches

I have to share with you guys some of the awesome key word searches people type in that lead them to my blog.

"evil mcdonalds cheeseburger meal"

"fat the girl bubble butt"

"mcdonalds is evil"

There are a lot of funny ones, so I'll share them as they come in on a regular basis.

Gotta love Google! :)~


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365 Fit said...

I wrote one post about flexibility and titled it flexible like a bendy pretzel bobcat thing. I stole it from a line in the movie two weeks notice. I am pretty sure that is my most viewed post, but never by people that are looking for a health blog. I think I am the number one search for 'flexible pretzel' on google. I too like to look at what people put in the search engine to get to my site.