Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hmmm... Confession.

Though you're probably expecting some awesome confession like "I ate three bags of chips last night" or "I made out with my ex boyfriend" or "I do heroin"...

It's really going to be about the fact that I let the scale run my life.

I weighed in at 217.8 this morning. I feel much, much, MUCH happier than I did yesterday. Yesterday I was sulking and pouting and pissed off because I felt like this wasn't working.

And who knows? Maybe it will.

I e-mailed my personal trainer and she was really responsive; we're going to review my diet and exercise and make sure I'm doing what I should be doing to drop the weight.




Hanlie said...

Well done for being down and for seeking some help with your plan! Good luck!

"4 oz" said...

Don't lose hope! Scales were invented to mess with our minds! There must be something in the air today...Yours is the second blog I stumbled upon that had a posting on weighing in. I'm new to blogging and also wrote about scales and weighing in today. Let's just say the cold is making us bloated and throwing off our weight!

If you get a minute...check out my blog:

I'll check back and see how you're doing!