Monday, January 5, 2009

My Weight ...Fluctuates

Yeah, so does everyone elses, of course. Mine is specific. Now - I gained about 4 lbs or something over the holidays. Here's how my last two days of weigh-ins went.

Sunday morning: 221
This morning: 218.4 (my lowest so far, back when I was working out at my peak before vacation)

What do I attribute it to? Wine. When I drink wine (or hard liquor) - it drains all the water out of my body and I wake up feeling like I've been on Atkins for three days. It's awesome.

Unfortunately I have a feeling it's fake weight loss and I'll be back up again tomorrow. :(

So... aside from that nonsense, I've just been adjusting to life back here in Milwaukee and trying really hard to figure out the "friends" situation. I've applied for a few schools out here and would love to get into some classes for the spring, but those start at the end of January/ early February. I don't know if I've waited too long, but considering I'm not going for a degree or anything, hopefully there won't be too much delay in just getting me in there. I really don't want to have to wait until May to do this.

The classes I want to take?
1. Writing for Publication
2. Abnormal Psychology
3. Intro to Drawing
4. Women's Studies
5. Sex and Gender in American Culture

Sounds like a lot, huh? Yeah, I guess it is. But if it's all fun, it's not really that much is it? Maybe I'll just do two or three now and save the others for the next semester.

OH! And stay tuned... today marks the first day of my blogging the recipes I'm doing from my fabulous cookbook. :)


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