Saturday, January 3, 2009


Craigslist is an amazing thing. I really love it. I've been perusing Craigslist to try to find a work out partner, or maybe just meet some new people and develop a few friends of my own out here. I've just started looking, so wish me luck.

But, on the flip side of Craigslist's awesomeness, sometimes you find some weird crap, and today, I found something downright scary:

Looking for someone to mutually encourage self-destructive habits of heavy restriction, fasting and other means of weight loss through mainly text messaging, as well as a possible exercise buddy.

Email me, serious inquiries only.

It reminds me of the pro eating disorder myspace web ring that I stumbled across a year or two ago. I just am amazed there are people advertising for it now. How sad.


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