Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So, I am obsessed with fat / weight / weight loss / diet blogs.

I've been doing some random searching through Google, and happened across Fat Girl on a Date, and I dig this chick. Her writing is good, she's got some solid content and actually writes intriguing blogs that keep me interested.

She mentioned something in a blog that a friend of hers had told her.

"We spend all this time looking for the right person, when what we should be doing is becoming the right person."

I LOVE this. It's similar to what I like to tell people, "Before you can be half of a whole in a relationship, you have to be whole in and of yourself." But I like the other one better.

So for all my single friends out there... take it to heart. Don't look at your singledom as a dooming, depressing time. Look at it as free time to make yourself into exactly who you dream of being. Healthy, successful, happy, peaceful, whatever.

Now is your time. This is your year.


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