Friday, January 16, 2009

Lighten Up Wisconsin!

So, I saw my personal trainer at the gym today and we talked about a few things while I was sweating my ass off on the elliptical and she was getting ready to see a client. She told me that she thinks I should join her team for "Lighten Up Wisconsin," which is a state-wide weight loss competition.

It's 100 days, and there are prizes and stuff involved. The website is cool, and once I'm signed up I'll be able to update, track and chat. The great thing is that it's kind of sponsored by personal trainers and they have "ask the experts" and things of that nature so... it'll be fun to challenge myself as well as a good bunch of resources.

Also, I'm pretty happy she asked me to join her team. I don't think she would have done that if she though I was going to quit after a month, or if she though I didn't have the ability and drive to lose the weight. :)

I'm so there.



Hanlie said...

That sounds like a worthwhile initiative!

"4 oz" said...

Wow! Go for it! Do it! That sounds like a great opportunity! I was working out with a trainer for 8 months and I miss him dearly! If I were rich, I would buy him the condo next door to mine so I could have him there at my beck and call to answer all my questions!

Keep me posted on your challenge!