Friday, January 9, 2009

The Vampire That is ME.

Yes. I'm a Vampire. Seriously. Have I mentioned this before?

I wake up close to or just after the sun has set, and I go to bed around 4am. I'm a weird, blood-sucking, white skinned, sleep in a coffin, vampire.

Okay, maybe not the coffin part, and blood sucking only sometimes.

I used to work a normal job, be part of the 9-6 crowd, and it was okay for awhile. But then after a while I grew to hate it, and then grew to loathe and detest it, and finally, I quit that crappy, crappy job! I started doing photography full time, and that means, I'm my own boss! At this point it's a majority of lots of e-mails and internet stuff (which can be done any time of the day), meetings on weekends and occasionally on week nights, and I don't have my first wedding until MARCH. So that means that I have adapted to Dan's schedule in order to spend more time with him. And I kick myself for waking up this time last year at 9am, coming home at 12noon and wondering why he was STILL IN BED. Well, that's because the clock is different, people. My old boss would get up every morning at 7am. He also went to bed at SIX when he got home. My schedule is just like that, except it starts at a different part of the clock.

Anyways. I really need to work on it tonight because I have to be across town by noon tomorrow to meet with a string of clients. I'll be at Panera from 12-5 or so for a few consults. Luckily there will be a never ending supply of coffee and diet coke. I'll have to scope out their menu ahead of time so I don't go ballistic and order scones or something.

So! My plan is to go work out in an hour or so, and not drink any soda past 6pm. That should get me into bed hopefully by 2:30 or 3am. Can't be late tomorrow... it's money making time! :)~

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