Friday, February 27, 2009

Self Sabotage and Other Oddities...

So, every time I go to the gym, it's packed. The gym I go to is very nice, and hugely popular. And every time I go, I see people drive in, and circle the parking lot several times trying to find the closest parking space to the gym.

... Why is that? Seriously. We're coming to the gym to work out, move around and get healthy. So what is a walk worth a dozen or two car widths to get through the front doors? I pull into the first open parking space within a reasonable distance (not the furthest from the front doors, but I don't do the rounds.) And... I just don't get why people make a close parking space such a big deal.

So, the other part of this post is about self sabotage. I know I've blogged previously about how a waitress sabotaged me with free carrot cake, but I'm talking about my willing and clear reach to Dan's bowl of starburst jelly beans when I know full damn well I should NOT be eating sugar. Why do I do that? I had a whole list a few weeks ago of things I "don't" eat. That included sugar and white flour. Yet, today, I had a big handful of pretzels. Yeah, those few snack bits in and of themselves aren't a huge deal. But I only crave sugar and white flour products when I eat them. When I cut them out, I don't WANT them all the time. And it's a mindless grabbing of a bite here, and a bite there, that make things worse for me in the long run. I'm not eating those things because I really want them. I'm not like, jonesing for a handful of banana chips. But after I eat them, a day or two passes, and I see them sitting there on the coffee table, and I'm like "ooh, yum! Banana chips!" And I eat a few more.

I need to quit that shit.

I have a small selection of "healthy" snacks in the house. I'm not inclined to make a quick salad instead of grabbing a handful of yogurt covered raisins or shoving my grubby fist down into a box of pops. But, I should be eating a yogurt or a kashi bar instead.

I'm a slave to my mindless noshing, and I need to break free.



M said...

Sometimes you need to give in to the cravings, just a wee bit or youll obsess. Youre doing great though, so go easy on yourself! :)

carla said...

Im am so like you with the sugar and processed white.
And I have no great ideas either...when I dont eat them AT ALL it doesnt lessen my cravings and when I DO? I just want more.


Abrunz said...

maybe mindless noshing is a bad thing, but have you thought of mindful noshing?

A very good friend of mine is (was) on the all-army boxing team here, and he told me that a trick boxers use to jack up their metabolism is to eat 1 cracker every 20 minutes. Not a handful, mind you, just one.

I don't suggest it (because I haven't tried it, and carrying around a packet of crackers is not a good way to pick up chicks at the bar) but it illustrates a point:

I find that when I eat several small snacks, I eat less overall. Don't cut snacking out of your eating plan, just plan for it. bowl of cereal, mid-morning fruit as a snack, small lunch, in between - lunch- and - dinner snack, dinner, etc.

(conversely, 3 meals a day means I will eat 3 big ones, because I will be so damn hungry by the time I get to them. I eat a helluva lot more than you, but still..)

Danielle said...

mindlessness gets me every time... it is true for me too- that the more I don't eat it the less I crave it... when I break down it becomes harder and harder for me to distance myself from it. Great point.

I have a hard time with sugar, all the time... the white flour fluctuates and I mostly only have cravings for sourdough bread... the other stuff is gone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment! I've added you to my reader. I'll get caught up tomorrow...something to do while I'm at work! Seriously. Who should work on Saturday?

Have a great weekend!