Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Biggest Cheerios

The Biggest Loser Ad Placement Extraordinaire..

I love the ad placement, it cracks me up.

Jillian in the kitchen talking about nutrition...

"Cheerios! They're so good for you because they're whole grain, and they're only 110 calories per serving. They can help you lower cholesterol and help pay our bills!"

One thing this week that definitely stuck out to me was one of the contestants at her last chance workout said "I have to love my body more than I love food." Then she started to cry. Jillian just looked at her and said, "You really love food." The girl wiped a tear away and said, "Yeah."




Charlie Hills said...

We're just going to have to get used to the brave new world of product placement. Sure, it's not new (cf. Wayne's World) but it's definitely going to grow.

I think the best one I've seen yet was in Ironman. The director actually hands the Burger King bag to the star. Well played, my BK friends. Well played. :)

Claire said...

I don't watch t.v., so product placement has absolutely no affect on me (but I did notice that B.K. bag in Ironman.) :)

I feel like that girl who loves food more than her body. For me, I hate my body more than I love eating well. Not sure that makes sense, but it's what I feel.