Friday, February 20, 2009

Orange Hair

Dan would LOVE for me to dye my hair orange. Though he'd settle for this:

He really wants this:

I say I have to wait until at least November, so I'm as close as possible to having Mila Jovavich's body. Which will be never, but at least I won't feel like this:


Lee said...

Do you tell Dan what color to dye his hair? Jus wondering. You're lucky though because you look good with reddish hair and with your current color. Go with what feels right for you. Orange, I dunno. Why take attention away from your fit & healthy body?

Jenn said...

No, but I beg him to grow his beard out! :) It's not a matter of "telling" me, just asking annoyingly because he thinks it's sexy. ;)

And I'm hoping that it'll be complimentary to my fit and healthy body because I would feel ridiculous with orange hair if I was overweight! :/

Thanks for the comment. :)~ said...

That's hilarious!

Or scary.

Unknown said...

This is funny. Mila J actually did inspire me to go not orange, but not-a-hair-color red years ago. I rocked those choppy short bangs too!