Thursday, February 19, 2009

Attention ALL Blog Writers!!!!

I have noticed a bunch of y'all have lovingly and graciously added me to your blog rolls. For this, I thank you!

But... for some of you, I am not able to come check out your blog in return because of your settings.

Please make sure you either:
1) Make your blog public, or
2) Send me an invite to read it.

(Tomato Experiment, I'm talkin' to you...) ;)

Thanks! :)


Jennifer Newman said...

hmmm. that is really weird - I have no idea why you cant see my blog. it is not private at all (I wouldn't even know how to do that - haha)!

I am looking into the matter right now and I will report back

Jennifer Newman said...

ok i looked and can't see a single reason why you cant get into my blog. maybe try following this link

i hope this works....keeping my fingers crossed...

Jennifer Newman said...

All is good!!

Glad we have found each other - LOL!

Keep writing and keep reading and I will do the same!