Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What the crap is Zumba???

I've gotten this question a few times since mentioning it.

It's this ridiculously fun class that involves dance, aerobics, and great music.

Here's a You Tube clip that goes into what a Zumba class looks like. Get thee to one pronto.

It's really high energy and fun. I went through a whole bottle of water at my first class this morning. At the 1/2 hour point I was thinking "How am I ever gonna get through a whole hour of this???" But you know what? I did. One hour of jumping, grooving, shaking and tapping my fat away. It was a blast. I want to go twice a week now. :)


Unknown said...

I want to Zumba!

:) looks like fun!

Kimberley Bednarski Anderson said...

I watched a class yesterday and I can tell you that there is not enough money in the world to make me do this :) I am a hard core cardio/weight girl. If there is a grapevine involved, I am out. But I gotta say, people looked like they were having a blast. Whatever works for a tinier ass!