Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm not Catholic, but....

I'm giving up Laziness for Lent.

So, right about now I'm formally working out about 2-3 times a week and doing the Wii once or twice a week. I need to kick it into high gear. A bunch of bloggers are doing this Lent Challenge, giving up laziness and being active (I'm doing 30 minutes minimum each day) from tomorrow, Wed March 23rd, through April 12th (Easter.)

40+ Days of Exercise Awesomeness for Lent.

That means through my cruise and vacation, too y'all. Thankfully, the hotel I'm staying at from the 21st-24th has a fitness center, and there is one on the boat as well. So, for the inbetween time I'll have to take nice long walks on the beach! :)~

My plan for doing this at home? I will do ZUMBA Tuesday mornings and Thursday nights. I will do weight training twice a week (Monday and Friday) and I will do Pilates and/or the Wii on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

I can do this.

I WILL do this.

I want a tinier ass.



Unknown said...

What do you do on your Wii?

I love the Advanced Step class on the Wii Fit. Hoola hooping...and yes you really do sweat from this.Haha! Oh I also have My Fitness Coach...but that one is more like working out so I do it less than I should. lol


Hanlie said...

Go for it!