Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not to get all political on you...

But this makes me really sad.

I'm sure my friend Rob will be thrilled though.

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Anonymous said...

I've actually been reconsidering a lot of what I think since this past election season.

While I still feel adamantly about abortion, and I don't think one person's right to choose should override another person's right to live, I am really starting to question the logic of legal measures like these. It will inevitably go back and forth, waste time and money, and at the end of the day, will it help the girl who's facing an unplanned pregnancy? Will it even reduce the number of abortions? Somehow I doubt it.

Maybe there's a reason why the vast majority of abortion clients find themselves in an abortion clinic: those are the people who are on that woman's side when she feels like no one else can or will help her.

I am becoming increasingly convinced that the only way those of us who are strongly opposed to abortion are going to change anything is by giving people in that difficult situation a better alternative and some actual help instead of picket signs and manipulative guilt.

If we can't decide to care as much about the pregnant person as we do about her baby, then I think it's ultimately hypocritical to try to save the unborn. What of the born and grown? I think maybe people like myself from the pro-life camp, particularly Christians, might need to get out of the courtroom and start trying to love people like we're commanded instead of waging a legal battle against people who are in a really difficult position to begin with.

I hope that doesn't make me a flake for starting to change my position, but I think in my passion I have allowed myself to be misguided on this issue for much of my life. It's more important for me to figure out the right approach, even if it means saying I was wrong.