Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HYC Weigh In

Back down to 213.6. So, essentially I've had two weeks of nothing.

I realized I haven't been cooking those meals for all of last week, and part of the week before. I had been losing weight while using that book, so I'm going back to it. I actually made sweet and sour chicken last night - I'll post the recipe soon. ;)



Cheryl said...

Which book is this? Like I need a new cookbook, lol!

Jenn said...

"Quick and Healthy Recipes and Ideas by Brenda J. Ponichtera" - I got it as an Xmas gift from a friend, and all the meals are low calorie and most are really good - they take less than a 1/2 hour for most of them (some you bake for an hour, but not many) - and it gives you 20 weeks of recipes AND shopping lists. :)

Lee said...

I'm beginning to realize how motivating trying out new healthy recipes is...kinda like getting new, cute work out clothes.

BTW - What does "HYC" stand for?

Rebecca said...

Yeah being prepared and cooking meals is essential to this weight loss stuff. Good luck for this week!

Jenn said...

HYC stands for "Healthy You Challenge" - a ton of bloggers are involved in it through Scale Junkie's blog :)