Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Week In Food - Part I

So, I'm in love with this UK show called "You Are What You Eat."

They take these people's entire week's worth of food intake and analyze it. They also put the equivalent on a big table for them to look at in hopes it will scare the crap out of them, or at least embarrass them.

I'm going to do this for my diet. I'm taking the last week, and analyzing it tonight. I will be putting together a table and doing a photo of it tomorrow.

Jenn's Nutritional Information for the Week of 1/27-2/4
Calories = 10,950 (average 1565/day)
Sugar = 476 grams - 247 from fruits/veggies = 229 (average 33g /day) (no more than 50g per day of refined sugars recommended)
Carbohydrates = 1392 grams (average 199 / day) (130 g per day is recommended)
Fat = 310 grams (average 44 / day) (40-50g per day is recommended)
Protein = 650 grams (average 93/day) (84 g recommended)
Sodium = 11614 mg (average 1659/day) (2400 US recommended 1600 UK recommended)
Fiber = 272 grams (average 39/day) (25g per day is recommended)

Overall, I'd say that looks pretty damn good. I could be eating less in the way of carbs, but all of them come from whole grains, brown rice, fruits and veggies.

The calories on here are taking into account pure consumption, not counting the calories I burned off through exercise.


Tomorrow I'll be putting down a full list of what I eat in the same way the show does, ie:

1 large slice chocolate cake
6 large lagers
3 fry ups
4 curries
4 packs of crisps
8 orders of chips

...etc. Except mine won't be bad food, nor will it be British.

And I'll do my best to come up with as close of a visual representation as possible of the food I take in. :)



Anonymous said...

When I had TV I loved "You are what you eat"! Its so very witty and honest about health.

Mike Zume said...

I love that show too. I guess I'm an occasional OREO.
Of course with dunking milk.