Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HYC Weigh In

213.2. That's a loss of .4 lbs from my previous recorded weigh-in day low of 213.6.

And it's period week, people. So, that is okay with me, I guess. How much weight does a woman retain on average during that TOM?

Maybe a lady can help me out on that one. 'Cause I've been working out and eating right and I really don't want to see any more of the 213's. I have a nice vacation coming up at the end of March, and it includes a cruise. I would love to drop 8 lbs by then, but the 2 pounds per week thing just doesn't seem to apply to me. It fucking sucks, and I'm getting angry.

Speaking of working out, I'm off to Zumba,



Unknown said...

I have tracked the hell out of this delightful phenomenon.

How much I retain is directly proportionate to my weight and diet. At my highest, when not eating healthy, I used to retain 11 pounds.

At 250+ when eating healthier, (I think less sodium made the difference) it was around 8 pounds.

It went down a to around 3 pounds when my weight was normal.

(I hate when people say this but yeah - TMI. I know, but you asked.

Lee said...

It does make a difference no doubt but just think ahead to next week when you'll see the results you've been working toward.

Caution: don't let chocolate get anywhere near you.

nancy said...

You're brave to weigh-in on your period. I never do because I can really feel the bloating!!

Don't freak. Your self-control will show itself when TOM takes a hike.

Love you!!!


"4 oz" said...

My trainer used to tell me that on average, it can be anywhere from 5-6 pounds. It will take a few days once TOM leaves for your weight to get back to normal. Hope this helps!

Hanlie said...

The healthier I eat (as in predominantly fruit and vegetables), the less I retain. Some months I have no symptoms of PMS - no bloating, no painful breasts, no pain, no cravings, no moodswings. It just goes to show that a healthy diet works!