Friday, February 20, 2009

Drag Queen becomes Homecoming Queen

This is awesome! A High School in Washington DC elected a guy who does drag as their Homecoming Queen.

Despite the fact that some things don't always make me feel like this world of ours is moving in the right direction... this story lifts my spirits. It says worlds of words about our generation, and it makes me really eager for those words to come true... "One day our generation is gonna rule the population."

This totally reminds me of this scene from the movie "Flawless." Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a drag queen, and Robert Dinero's character asks him how long he has been a drag queen.

"...We were all on stage, and they had made these dry ice kettles so the smoke could come out of them, you know? And uh, one night, all of a sudden, one dry ice kettle exploded, and dry ice flew everywhere. Well, pretty little miss no talent who was playing the snow queen, dashed off the stage screaming and pulling her hair out. Well the play must go on, I believe, and she had dropped a crown. Well honey, I just picked up that crown, put it on my head... and I was the GREATEST goddamn snow queen in the history of PS 11 Paramus New Jersey."

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