Friday, February 27, 2009

Use The Force, Luke!...... to lose weight!

Super thanks to my friend John McIntire for sending this article my way.

SO... if you're a fan of light sabers, Luke Skywalker, or how hot Princess Leia looked in that one outfit... might want to give this a shot.

The newest trend in weightloss is lightsabering to the oldies. Well, okay, not to the oldies. But you do get to wear costumes and stuff.

Don't laugh though. People have come in looking like butter balls and wind up looking like sexy, ripped slabs of hotness.

It's also been an intro for a lot of people to start in martial arts. And a majority of the participants are female. I know a martial arts workout is a killer one... I used to do Krav Maga (Thanks, Andrew!) and that workout nearly left me passing out after each class.

I might need to get me one of these light saber things. Maybe Dan would participate in my workouts then. :)


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Michael said...

It might work, but Jon Gosselin has put on some weight.