Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zumbariffic and Subway...

I went to the gym today and did Zumba... seriously, I LOVE it. Here are the stats for the day:

703 calories, 45% fat - Max HR = 179 (92%), Avg HR = 158 (81%)

One hour, 703 calories! I LOVE IT!

SO, I weighed in this morning at 207.4. I am on my way back down to the 205 mark (My initial weigh-in at the start of all this was 220, so I'm still not even 15 lbs down.) It gets SO frustrating! I just need to stay committed to the gym at LEAST three times a week, keep running and eat well. I'll get there, I swear. I just dreaaaam of the day I get down to 175. For some reason I keep envisioning 175 as the magic number of happiness even though a healthy BMI for me would be 155 at the very top of that range.

I'm gonna throw a party with watermelon and spring water when I hit 199. Anyone with me? HA!

Okay, also I wanted to blog about Subway. Everyone knows it's the Eat Fresh option, and it gives you the opportunity to eat out in a healthy way. SO... I want to post an "Eat This, Not That" comparison of what I could order.

12" veggie on wheat with provolone, oil/vinegar and honey mustard = 635 calories
1 bag Baked Lays = 130 calories
2 White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut cookies = 440 calories
TOTAL = 1205 calories!


12" veggie on wheat with oil/vinegar and honey mustard = 535 calories
1 bag Baked Lays = 130 calories
TOTAL = 665 calories!


So, here's what I actually DID eat today:

12" veggie on wheat with provolone, oil/vinegar and honey mustard = 635 calories
1 White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut cookie = 220 calories
TOTAL = 855 calories

I got the chips too, but I'm not eating them with dinner. :) I don't know why I got the cookies (I'm gonna give two to Dan) - I need to STOP with the sugar!!! But ... considering I got 700 calories out of the way with exercising, I'm doing okay! :)

And post-workout, sorry, I just CAN'T do a 6" sub. :)


MB said...

I'm there. I love watermelon!

Mary Mary said...

Sounds like a workout. Zumba seems really fun. I wish my gym would offer it!

Unknown said...

Count me in for your Onederland party!
I'm doing Zumba too - I love it! But I can't imagine doing BOTH the gym and Zumba together!!!

Unknown said...

Wait a sec - I just realized you took a Zumba class AT the gym. Okay, got it now.
I have a DVD, so I just assumed you did too. Silly me! :-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Zumba. I'm sure its way more fun in person. I'm stuck with the DVDs...but it is :o)

Anonymous said...

I love Zumba! I look like a major dork doing, but it's so much fun. I love the booty challenges LOL

Carlos said...

what is it about white chocolate and macadamia nuts! love them!

InWeighOverMyHead said...

You are doing great and you are sooo pretty! Can i link your site to mine to help me with inspiration? I am dealing with a food addition and trying to lose over 100 lbs... My site is... I LOVE finding other bloggers who are working toward the same purpose!

South Beach Steve said...

Don't worry too much about it going slow. If thinks are going in the right direction, that is really what counts. You are doing great, just keep it up!

Mrs. Bradley said...

I am so coming to the under 200# party. I want my own watermelon>.

Jen said...

Zumba sounds cool....I wish there was something like that where I live.

I love your blog :) I started my "journey" at 225 and now I'm down around 207 as well...and it seems like I've been hovering here forever...when all I want is to be under 200. So frustrating.