Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Fat Girl Bites The Dust.

So, this ties in perfectly with my most recent post about Fat Acceptance and how I think it's fake. This is a really perfect example about what I'm saying.

You all know Mo'nique? She's fabulous and hilarious. This is the cover of a book that I bought of hers several years ago called "Skinny Women are Evil":

I read her first book. Have you read it? It's FULL of great little schnippets of Phat Power Phrases like "Sizeable Sisters," "Hefty Honeys," and "Big and Beautiful," etc.

Take another look at that photo of her cover.

Mmmmkay. Mo'nique, if you were so proud of your body in all of its delicious, jelly roll, soft squishy fatness, why were you hiding behind a huge gold chair on the cover of your book? Why on the back photo were you hiding behind your assistant?

So, now she's lost weight. Here is a little before and after for ya:

People are acting all freaked out by her weight loss. Particularly Fat Bloggers. I've seen some even threaten to take everything to do with Mo'nique off of their blogs and websites if they find out she had weight loss surgery.

Okay, first of all, it's not a surprise to me that she wanted to lose weight. I think everyone just has a "moment."

Here's a quote from her book when she was talking about Oprah's weight loss:
"...girlfriend's weight-loss antics didn't move me. It made me mad. What was wrong with representing for SIZABLE sisters? I bet that skinny girlfriend of hers, Gayle, was somewhere in the background cheering her on, too. If some shit is amiss, there's usually a skinny bitch behind it. All at once, Oprah went from being a member of the BIG and BEAUTIFUL to the skinny and skeletal. Since Miss O had abandoned us, someone else would have to champion the BIG cause."

This is what it really comes down to, y'all. Mo'nique used to say in her book, "I'm HAPPY and HEALTHY." (She likes to type a lot of words in caps for emphasis.) After you have your "Holy Shit, I can NOT be fat like this anymore" moment... this is what you'll be more likely to sound like:

Monique: “We should all want to live healthy lives because we don’t want to be in a position where there are things we can’t do and places we can’t go. My husband said to me one day, `I want you for a lifetime.' Then it clicked that my weight had become a major concern. I wanted to be around for my family."

And now that she's pissed off a bunch of Fat Folks by caring about herself... we'll just have to wait until the next Big Girl Idol takes a dive and stops eating fried food and cake all the time too.

As for me? I'm proud of you, Mo'nique. Go on wit yo bad self!



M said...

M'onique looks great! I think fat acceptance should come from the skinny people. They shouldnt be allowed to call us names and be rude to us. And department stores shouldnt be allowed to have plus sized sections either. Do they still have "whites" and "blacks" sections? No. Fat people should be allowed to shop shamelessly with the skinnies. Ugh.

However, I was extremely disappointed in Seth Rogen when he lost all his weight. Somehow I felt betrayed but I realize its his own body, his own life and at the end of the day he only answers to himself. And maybe God.

Hanlie said...

This whole fat acceptance thing smacks of desperation...

Look, no-one should be forced to lose weight. It's a personal decision. And no-one should be treated badly by society for being fat. That is just not okay.

But being fat is always a compromise. When we choose to remain fat we sacrifice our health (and very often our self-esteem) for the sake of our comfort zones. Often, as with Mo'nique, people get to a point where the comfort zone is not that comfortable anymore, usually when health problems associated with poor diet, lack of activity and obesity start appearing.

Mo'nique's detractors are looking at this as a betrayal of the "fat acceptance values", but the poor woman was just trying to improve her quality of life, or even save her life.

Samantha said...

I think she looks GREAT! Who doesnt want to be healthy? I think she's def still proud to be a bigger woman, and always has been. But your health should come over that pride. I don't care if she had weightloss surgery or not.. she looks HAPPY and she worked hard for it, Im sure. Loved your post!

Valerie Roberson said...

I think Mo'nique looks UH-mazing! Good for her.

As far as the fat acceptance thing...IDK. Right now, at 300+ lbs I have WAY better self esteem than when I was 150 and 15 years old...for whatever that means. I like myself. I like who I am.

I do want to lose weight--but I no longer want to be 120 lbs. I agree with Monica-it's just about it NOT being ok for society to treat fat women like trash-which they do, all the time.

Anonymous said...

Monique looks great.

I think some of this Fat Acceptance is crap too. I mean, don't get me wrong, I think its wonderful to love yourself and your body at any size. BUT to say that you wouldn't want something MORE is crap.

For example, I can say that I love my little cute house, its homey, etc. But it would be crap to say I wouldn't love something bigger, more spacious.

So, I can be happy in my own skin. I can love myself, but its ok to want something more, something better.

Unknown said...

I love Monique. I am proud of her for the weight that she has lost. She is a perfect example of loving herself regardless. If she never lost an ounce, we know that Monique would still love being Monique. She chose to become more healthy for the sake of the people that love her and that's admirable. It's sad that people have anything negative to say about it. She is still full-figured and fabulous. There is a difference in full-figured and fat. Fat is not healthy. Full-figured is gorgeous.