Monday, May 11, 2009

You Inspire Me...

Now, I know we've all done shout outs, badges and buttons to our favorite bloggers, the ones who make us laugh and all... but I think I need to recognize those bloggers I go to in times of serious trouble.


There are some of you out there who really, really inspire me to get my big, cushy tushy moving when I feel lazy and think "Nah, I'll work out tomorrow."

1. All the gals over at the Tweetwalker Clubhouse. You guys inspire me to run and walk, and seriously, you all rule.

2. Mike Zume over at - your constant walking and helpful tips remind me to get moving!

3. 4oz - Hold the Mayo, Extra Cheese. This is a place to read about all the sore muscles and inner battles you can get your hands on. She helps me to remember that everyone is human, and we make our choices and carve our paths each and every day.

4. Wonder Woman. She's doing the C25K program, and it's just really nice to have someone else out there who is torturing themselves too. :)

5. Fat Bridesmaid. Though she might not be one to post about working out every day... she hosts the Biggest Loser live blog which is hugely inspirational to me, and she shares her struggles and hopes about fitness right there along with the rest of us mere mortals. :)

For all of you... thank you!:

I would suggest giving this little badass button to anyone who inspires you to workout or be active more! I won't say you have to give it to five people... just anyone who inspires you to ... move it, move it! :)



"4 oz" said...

Wow!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! This is what I needed to read...your timing is perfect! You just made my day!

Mike Zume said...


You are absolutely the best! I wish u lived in Washington DC, so we could use your photographic genius at our firm. Thank you sooooo... very much, don't ever change, we love who u are.

MikeZume -step by step in everything.

PS - Sorry for being so weak on the posts.

Mrs. Bradley said...

OMG...! I am so honored. Now you have given me more inspiration to keep it up. I ran like a bat outta hell tonight just cuz of your button.

Jennifer Newman said...

Holy WOW!!!

On behalf of all the tweetwalkers I say THANK YOU!!!


Wow thanks dude! I'm glad the liveblog helps because it's one of my favorite things, for sure.

And I can start writing about my workouts every day, but I figure everyone will get bored reading "walked on treadmill, sweated, wished I was in bed, the end." ;-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome links! A couple of these I hadn't been to yet so thanks for introducing me to them!