Monday, May 11, 2009

Running Report


Sorry I haven't had one for a few days... I suck and I'm lazy.

So, here is the haps for tonight! I get to the gym and choose a treadmill next to this guy who is running at quite a fast pace... he'd been on the treadmill for about 12 minutes and was running at level 9.5, which is really fast. Yes, I look at other people's numbers.

I'll get back to him in a minute.

My breakdown looked like this tonight:

6 mins walking @ L3.6
2 mins running @ L5
6 mins walking @ L3.6
3 mins running @ L5
6 mins walking @ L3.6
2 mins running @ L5
6 mins walking @ L3.5
2 mins running @ L5
6 mins walking @ L3.5
1 min running @ L5
20 mins walking from L3.7-L2.8 (last 5 for cooldown)

Running time = 10 mins
Walking time = 50 mins
Distance = 3.56 miles
Time = 1 hour
Calories burned = 653* (40% fat)
Max heart rate = 180 (93%)
Average heart rate = 151 (78%)

*Calories burned are measured by a heart rate monitor I wear. (Polar F6). The treadmill said I burned 400 calories, so it's good for me to see I'm actually working harder than the machine thinks.

Okay, so the guy next to me ran for 30 minutes total. He did 3.4 miles in 21 minutes. Oh, and he was like, 60 years old. And he got his heart rate down to 90 in about 1-2 minutes while he was stretching on the treadmill when he was done. Dude, my heart rate is 90 when I walk leisurely from the car to the door of the gym. By the time I hit the locker room my heart rate is around 112. He's in fantastic shape. Or I'm just in really, really pathetic shape.

He is my inspiration. This guy kicked my ass and totally ran a 5K (just over 3.1 miles) in 20 minutes.



Mrs. Bradley said...

Girl...your run kicked butt. I ran in my neighborhood and I was exhausted.

me said...

Sounds like my Grandfather. The docs wanted him to do a stress test and had him hooked up to the heart monitors and running on the treadmill. He was laughing hysterically thinking it was rather silly that he was running as fast as he could and still getting nowhere - and didn't even break a bead. But then the man would cross country ski 20 miles a day in the winter and walk just as far in the summer if he had his dithers about it...Right up until the year cancer took him at 97 years old. I obviously did NOT inherit the exercise and fitness gene.

Natasha said...

I'm glad you're going to run with us! I love this post. You have such a great sense of humour. I used to look at people's speeds when I went to the gym. Now I just run around my neighborhood. There's this weird guy that always gives me the stinkeye when he's out doing his gardening. Maybe the gym isn't such a bad idea.

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

I love people like that in the gym that totally kick my butt and inspire me. You seem to be doing pretty good though. Keep at it and maybe you can race him. Heheh. :)

M said...

You need to move here so you can train me. Ill pay you and everything. But I have been bike riding and my left leg is in absolute pain right now! I dont know what to do because bike riding is one of my favorite, in life.

Journo June aka MamaBear said...

You'll be catching up to the old geezer in no time! ;-) You are getting some great exercise in, though. It doesn't all have to be at his pace to get fit!
Path to Health

Losinthisdangfat said...

You're doing ok. Don't compare yourself to other people. The more you do that then you will just make yourself more frustrated. Do what you can and biuld from there. You'll get better with time! You'll see!

Carlos said...

old people should be on porches fanning themselves and drinking lemonade.