Thursday, May 14, 2009

1112 Calories... BURNED!

So, I've been to the gym 4 days in a row this week. That's, like, a record.

In taking a day off from the running/walking thing, I did Zumba at 6, then Gravity at 7. If anyone doesn't remember what Gravity is, I posted about it here.

So, I was wearing my nifty Polar F6 watch to keep track of my calories and all... it's awesome.

60 minutes of Zumba + 45 minutes of Gravity = 1112 calories burned!!!!!!!!!!!

Hellz yeah.

Also, thanks everyone for the tips on my running calves/shins problem. I just bought some great running shoes (Asics 2140's.), so I know that it's not the shoes. I definitely wanted to make sure I approached it right. I think I was just too zealous about it.

I really think I've had a problem with running and walking too many days in a row. So, I think the break will be great! We'll see how I'm doing tomorrow! :)

Also, a lot of you have lovingly recommended running outside. The tough thing about that... is that I don't live in the best neighborhood to do that. I would get a running partner, but I think it'd be hard to find someone who is at my level and committed enough to do it three times a week. Plus, I don't really know people here.

I'm gonna stick to the treadmill and just be sure to stretch before and after the workout, and only do it every other day until my legs get stronger. :)~



M said...

You are doing fantastic, girl :)

Anonymous said...

Woo HOO!

I wish we could do ZUMBA together. Very, very cool!

Katie said...

Holy cow that is a lot of my calories! You are my hero!

Hanlie said...

You go girl! That's impressive!

nancy said...

Spectacular!!!!!! That is fantastic, Jenny. I wonder if a bike ride to the lake and then a jog will be in the near future for you.

Love you,