Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So... what's the deal?

I've just been crazy lately. It's 3:23am and I'm still awake. A list of things I can't get off of my brain would include:

1. Money
2. I need to practice my off camera flash techniques
3. Wedding on Friday... see above.
4. Need lots more gear... see all of above.
5. American Idol finale is Wednesday (right?) I hope Adam Lambert wins.
6. I really miss watching the Office. When can we start watching the current season on DVD???
7. I think I might need to go to the Dentist... my tooth feels really sensitive.
8. I skipped the gym today. I totally suck.
9. I ate more sugar this weekend than I should have. For sure.
10. Feeling FAT! Should have gone to the gym.
11. Seriously, I need some money.
12. Moving soon, need to start packing and planning.
13. Need to turn this place into my new studio... need to furnish and paint.
14. Three weddings to shoot before the month is over.
15. I like mentos.
16. Definitely need some money. Need to book some work. Truly.

So... who wants to hire me for a photo shoot? Call me. Let's do it.

Also, I can't wait until the new Harry Potter comes out! When is that happening again?

Can you see why I just can't sleep sometimes? My mind is seriously all over the place.


South Beach Steve said...

Isn't it crazy when our minds get that busy? I have that problem sometimes too. Usually, I just end up getting out of bed and going on into work. I figure if I am going to be that busy anyhow, I mind as well get something done.

Anonymous said...

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Carlos said...

I'm totally with you on this. I have like a mental demolition derby. Random thoughts crashing into each other never getting to finish any one of them... so much worse at night. no voices yet so that's good

Hanlie said...

I need money too. Sigh. And a Green Card!