Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kick Assness and Krav.

So, I thought I'd share a video that always inspires me to work harder, be stronger and kick more ass in general. (Andrew, you'll appreciate this.)

If anyone has either heard of Krav Maga or seen the movie "Enough" - you'll know what's coming.

If anyone has thought about taking self defense classes and getting fit in the mean time... Krav Maga. Look it up and go take a class or two in your area. I guarantee you'll feel amazing and want to do it more. It's REALLY hard, so if you're extremely overweight, it might be very difficult for you. Most classes will allow you to sit out if you need to, take a break when you need to... but it's hard to do that when people are screaming at you, "HIT HARDER! FIGHT! FIGHT!!!" It's too inspirational to try to keep fighting. It was the HARDEST workout I've ever had. It's harder than any video I've ever done or any class I've ever taken. I would end up with the pass-outs, the pukes or the runs after every class. That said, it'd definitely whoop your ass Biggest Loser style. I want to take more classes after I lose another 30-40 lbs to get myself ripped.

And I know Andrew will comment here and say "Go do it NOW!" But I'm not going to dude. Running is my big love thing right now, yo. :)

Anyways, enjoy the video! It is inspiring to see a strong woman, yeh?

And I figured I should share a video of what a beginners (Level 1) class in Krav looks like. This is a video I found on YouTube, and it's pretty much exactly what the classes were. Oh, except it doesn't show the beginning of the class where they run you ragged with running, crawling, jumping, side stepping and human wheelbarrow drills until you're exhausted. Then you fight.

And after having said that, this still might not look "that" hard. Believe me. It's exhausting. And when you're hitting those pads, it's with ALL your strength. And once you feel like you just can't hit that f*king bag anymore... they will yell and yell, "KEEP FIGHTING!!!!!"

It's the toughest ass kicking workout ever.


Hanlie said...

That looks very tough! I'm not ready for that yet! But I'd love to do it one day... Just look how ripped J-Lo looks in that video - I think I'll get the movie again tonight...

Rachel said...

I love boxing/kick-boxing at home - I never feel brave enough to go to a class though. I feel like I'd be the fat girl bulldozing around the buff types :S

"4 oz" said...

That is my dream - to take a self defense or martial arts class. As a woman, I would love to feel confident in knowing that I could kick some bootie if I needed to. =) But yeah, that class looks like it would be the end of me! LOL

M said...

I wanted to take that class soooo bad but I was too intimidated. For now, if I try to jog/run, maybe I could just outrun the person trying to hurt me.