Monday, December 15, 2008

A few things.

Today I worked out with my Dad again, did 21 minutes on the elliptical and some weight training... did the Bosu kicks again (12) and some lunges (got through 6 this time)... and did something to my left quad. It hurts. :(

And now those few things I was going to mention:

First, take a lookie at my delicious afternoon snack.

Organic vanilla yogurt with some sliced strawberries and cranberry granola

Second, take a lookie at my hot mom. This is why I'm so mad I didn't inherit her skinniness. You should see her legs.

Third, I have issues. I have serious food issues. I am very used to diet + no exercise, and doing this working out plus "eating healthy" thing is a huge challenge for me. I am used to a very specific, structured, rules oriented eating plan. Atkins was easy because it's simple: low carb. This "eating in moderation" and "eat healthy" thing is killing me. It's like... okay, so I just keep under a certain calorie count per day while trying to drink a lot of water and eat foods that are "better" for me in terms of high protein, whole grains, more natural, less processed. Okay. So... that's just really, really open ended for me.

We went to Woody's for dinner tonight and I did a huge salad and a cup of the beer cheese soup. I feel completely guilty for eating that freaking soup. Though I'm probably under my calories for the day (I haven't calculated yet) - if I'm on a diet and eating healthy, that shouldn't have gone in my mouth.

So what is acceptable for "cheating" as people call it? I don't even feel there SHOULD be cheating. I feel as though every bad thing I eat is a huge deterrent from my goal. That's why when I did Atkins, there was NO tasting of sugar, fruit, frosting, potatoes, fries, bread, nothing. The "one" taste will make me want the bad stuff more, and then it's over.

I have to look at everything and say "Will this help me achieve my goal?" No. The beer cheese soup will NOT help me achieve my goal.

I just don't get the flexibility thing.

So what eating style works best? Or, what works best for you?

Those with no food issues need not respond, thanks.

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Abrunz said...

alright. First and foremost, you need to alter something about your mindset. I know you are actively working towards this, but catch yourself. You are not on a "diet". that word should not enter your parlance. Diet connotes impermanence. you are working towards a lifestyle. In any lifestyle there is no "cheating", no permanent "never shall I ever eat:".

So, first, understand that no lifestyle is tenable if it is miserable. If you really want the soup, eat the soup. Compensate for it by eating extra-low fat the next day, maybe skim milk instead of yogurt, for example. Exercise a little more to burn the calories, and exercise soon after so that the fat is burned before it has a chance to be processed and get all settled in. Take a walk after dinner, for example. This is not cheating. Nor, really, is it unhealthy... a diet which consisted of more beer-soup than it did carrot sticks would be unhealthy, but you gotta get macro about this. One bowl of soup doth not a heart attack make.

So take this idea of "cheating" and get yourself around it. You are not cheating on anything, you are allowing yourself a little tasty, which is a good thing for your sanity and your acceptance of your new lifestyle. In my efforts to eat healthier, I always make sure that I give myself little rewards for big successes, and I always include a little sweet (not a lot, right, just a little) to remind myself that I can be healthy and have the icecream cake sometimes, just not all the time.

Hang in there. At first it may seem that every bite of something that isn't salad is going to corrode all the hard work you have done, but believe me, a lifestyle of good choices cannot be a tyranny of lettuce.