Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hi guys!

Sorry for the little update delay. I went out with Jesse and Wes last night and we went to the Compound here in Denver. We had a fabulous time, did some calorie burning dancing, and I got really drunk. Tee-hee! I definitely become the "I love everyone" person when I drink. I talked to a 59 year old man named Earl. He has a big white ZZ-Top style beard and I could tell he was there alone. He told me about his mining days and his stash of gold and diamonds he plans to cash in when he retires so he can move to Arkansas. I like to ocassionally talk to folks older than myself, usually those who are down and out or homeless... just because it really gives me a chance to hear a story, and it gives the person a few minutes to be able to talk to someone.

I know why drinking is supposed to be very minimal when you're eating healthy or "dieting"... it lowers your inhibitions, not only with other people, but also with the food you eat. I remember being on Atkins and being at parties at Jesse's house, and Wes would make his famous bean dip, and I would chow down on that without thinking twice.

We went to Mimi's Cafe for lunch/breakfast this morning and I had a delicious salmon/veggies combo with a salad to start, and a bit of the bread they bring out. Delicious! So I'm really glad, though I didn't eat anything crazy last night, that even in my hungoverness that I didn't spring for a hashbrownbaconeggathon at Denny's,. :)~

I dont' have photos of my yummy food yet because I can't figure out how to get them off of my phone, onto my computer. My cruddy cell phone doesn't e-mail the pictures I take, so I have to think of something else.

Oh! And we shopped for about 3.5 hours today, which happily equates to 811 calories burned, according to I don't know if I buy it, though I felt totally exhausted when I got home. If that's the case, I should just shop all day and I'll be a size 8 in no time!!! ;)



Anonymous said...

Jennifer! I have saved your blog now and will check up on you! I'm so glad you had fun going to the Compound and I had a fantastic time with you... shopping, eating, and just hanging out!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

That means you and I are the same drunk person. I seriously don't understand people who drink and then get mean. When I'm drunk, it's always like, "I just seriously, seriously love you all so much. Seriously."

As for the baconeggandhashbrownathon or however you called it, Denny's seems a potential diet helper to me. Every time I eat there I vomit for two or three days afterward. That's gotta bring on a little weight loss.