Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Zumba Craze!

So, my gym offers this class called "ZUMBA" which apparently is this crazy fitness craze sweeping the nation, and apparently the world. I did a quick search and came across several YouTube videos with Zumba classes and shows.

From what I've seen, it looks really fun and I might want to give it a try soon!

I found one very interesting one about a little girl who was very overweight. Her parents bought her a kids Zumba video and she got hooked, and lost 20 lbs in 6 months.

So... my question is now for all the whacked out parents who are giving their kids pills, putting them on super strict diets, and offering them liposuction and other surgeries. Why don't you encourage your kids to be healthy by being active?

I have heard a lot of stories about parents giving their kids all kinds of procedures to enhance their looks, everything from gastric bypass to breast enlargements. WHY???

I remember being young, feeling picked on and wanting to be pretty and thin, but in this society where so many young girls are falling victim to eating disorders and teenagers are resorting to quick fixes with diet pills and procedures... why are we not all encouraging our children to be active and healthy with their diets? If you do it as a family, it will become second nature. Plus, it'll be a bonding experience! The more time you spend with your family, the better.


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