Monday, December 29, 2008

Airplane Woes

So... once again I'm hanging out at the aiport, on my laptop, like a really cool blogger type person.

My flight back to Milwaukee was supposed to leave at 6pm, and now has been delayed to 7pm. Additionally, I'm still on Buddy-Pass-Stand-By. There are only 2 open seats on this flight (as of my check-in) - and things aren't looking too pretty. I really wish that the airport had a smoking lounge in each terminal. It'd help people stay calmer and would give me somewhere to hang out while I'm waiting for my flight.

**EDIT** -- So I'd heard a rumor that the smoking lounges were going to no longer be smoking lounges. I don't know where or when I heard that, so that was just my assumption. I went online to the DIA website after posting this blog, and found that my favorite restaurant/smoking lounge in the airport (Concourse A: Mesa Verde) was still open, and still a smoking lounge. JOY! So, now I'm here, waiting, enjoying a delicious bloody mary and a cigarette before going back to gate A46 to find out if I make it onto the plane or not. Here's hoping! :)

The lady at the ticket check in counter said that my priority code was 89, which is apparently really high. I would assume that has to do with the year the "Buddy-Pass-Giver" started working for the airline. I know there is at LEAST one other standby person and hers was 2006. So, hopefully I beat her out. I think I saw a few other people hand tickets to the guy behind the counter... I just really hope I get on the plane.

Granted, I have ultimate flexibility and can stay anywhere as long as I need to, and it would be cool to spend New Years with my friends, but I really miss Dan and definitely want to see him. So, we'll see what happens. It's 5:45, so there should be about 45 minutes more before they start boarding the plane. Ugh!

I will be really pissed if I have to leave, find my bags, go back to my parents, and then do all this crap again tomorrow.


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