Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm having a little bit of trouble getting in touch with myself. I have blogged all about the cruise but not about how I truly felt through it. I've posted photos but not really told you about my experiences. I've put up five or six John Mayer related blogs because I've been in a JM coma for the last two weeks and it's all I can put out there. (No, seriously. I've easily wasted the equivalent of six solid hours a night at TRY JM, reading interviews, watching YouTube clips and looking at photos.)

I certainly haven't talked much about weight and weight loss progress because I'm sort of hiding from it right now.

Things are good. Weight's basically the same. My self image is low. My happiness in life is fairly high. I'm in a confused state.

I suppose I'm stuck in the middle of figuring myself out. I'm sorry that means I'm giving less in terms of real updates and sharing. Maybe I'll work it out soon and share something worthwhile.

I'll be around, I promise.



Unknown said...

I can relate. When I was at my heaviest I was SUPER happy, but totally lacked any confidence. I actually stopped doing certain activities to avoid being the "fattest" person. I am so much happier now, just starting to get some confidence too! LOL

Good job on maintaining your weight for now. When your ready to come around again you will, and lots of people will be waiting to hear all about it. I do enjoy your weigh loss talk, as well as your photos! :)


nancy said...

Well we love you alot!!!
Dad and Mom

M said...

Well. Hurry back. Im bored. :)

"4 oz" said...

Hey! No worries...I completely understand what you're going through. I'll keep checking in on you! =)

Carlos said...

hang in there, i saw your mojo at 7eleven the other day, it assured me it was on its way back to you...