Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol - Top 8 Performances

Tonight's theme is "Songs from the Year you were Born" -- this is always an interesting one, and it usually ends with Simon saying they chose the wrong song. "With so many great songs from that year, why did you pick THAT one?"

We'll see how many times he says it tonight. :)

Danny Gokey - Stand By Me (1980) - I love this song. Last time I said I wanted to hear him sing a slower song so I could REALLY hear him SING. This week seemed to be that chance. Though he's extremely likable, he's definitely not the best singer in the group. I like him so much, I hate to say that I have not once finished watching him sing and said, "WOW."

Chris Allen - All She Wants to Do is Dance (1985) - I like him a lot. And I love that he went into the center of the crowd. It makes him seem like a big star. I don't know about the song choice - probably because I don't know the song. I think he's damn adorable though.

Lil Rounds - What's Love Got To Do With It (1984) - What an awesome song for her to do. Zomg. The only thing I can say is that though she did a few different things with the melody, a lot of it sounded very much like a copy cat performance. But I loved the way she ended it, and overall, best of the night so far.

Anoop Desai - True Colors (1986) - Cool choice... in fact, really good choice. He's got such a great voice. He did a really nice job - my favorite of the night so far. Oh, I love his sweater too.

Scott MacIntyre - The Search is Over (1986) - The guitar move was ambitious and I like a bit of the vocal stuff he brought out tonight, but his pitch was off in a few places. There needs to come a point where people stop voting him in because he's the blind guy. Seriously. He seems sweet and he's likable, but his TALENT does not stand up. I feel really bad for the guy - he seems really nice. :(

Allison Iraheta - I can't Make You Love Me (1992) - Oh boy I'm old. Someone so talented born in 1992??? WHAT? Okay. I love this song. I love her outfit. I love her voice. This girl is a BAD ASS. This is my favorite performance of this song on this show. That means over the likes of Kimberley Locke and Constantine Maroulis.

Matt Giraud - Part Time Lovers - I do NOT understand why this guy keeps ending up in the bottom 3 - he's one of the MOST talented guys in the whole damn group. And he's WAY sexy... Do people NOT hear him singing? WHAT THE HELL? He's phenomenal. And I think it ws a good choice for him to not do the piano thing tonight. It was great.

Adam Lambert - Mad World - This is one of my FAVORITE songs ever. He's just got to win this thing... holy crap. He's so dramatic and talented, this was AWESOME. Getting a standing ovation from Simon Cowell just sums it right on up, baby.

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Tricia said...

GAH! I went to trivia and forgot to reset the DVR so when I came home to watch Idol, it wasn't there and I about DIED! Dang. Sounds like I missed a good episode. I'll have to hit up YouTube tonite and hope for the best. Thanks for the recap!