Monday, April 13, 2009

6 Hours in...

And I'm freaking out already.

I'm doing a 5 day Raw Cleanse, and I'm 6 hours into Day 1, which involves fasting. Nothing but water for 24 hours.

The idea that I am not allowed to eat is just messing with me. I actually feel like I'm sick. I don't feel SICK, but I feel like I'm acting like I'm sick. I keep chugging water and Dan's sitting there eating leftover pasta. I'm pouting and cuddling up with blankets and drinking water, and pouting some more. I want food so bad.

*By the way, Dan offered to not eat around me but I told him no, that it's my choice and I should be able to do it without changing his routine.

It's like going shopping when you don't have any money. Everything looks so awesome, and you wish you could buy everything. But when you go to the same store when you have money, it's like, "Nah..."

I'm looking at the yogurt, soy milk, fruit, asparagus and wheat english muffins in my kitchen with lust I've never felt before. And I'm not even 1/2 way through my fasting day.

Here's hoping I can hold on to some kind of self control and not just say, "Well I'll just do Raw food for the full five days, that's good too, right?"

I'm sure there's a good reason for the 24 hour fast.

From the e-mail they sent me:

There are several reasons why the program starts with a
water fast.

The 24-hour fast will restore your natural hunger.

It will get your mind off food, and help you focus on why
you're doing this process.

This 24-hour fast will also make you feel light, more
optimistic and ready to take on this adventure!

I promise you,
after you go through this it will be so worth the effort.
Your body will feel AMAZING. Use the time to get things
done. Handle your photo albums, your bills or unwritten
letters. Get productive and distracted from food. The day
will go quickly and you'll feel terrific for it.

Well, I can say I just got through five solid hours of work on my photography business and I did feel EXTREMELY productive.

I'm off to watch TV with Dan and drink about a gallon more of water.




Dan Brindley said...

Don't drink too much water... TOOMUCHWATER

Unknown said...

uh oh. Let us know how the next 18 hours of fasting goes! YIKES!

Good luck to ya!

M said...

Im intrigued. And scared for you. Let me know how it works out! :)

MizFIt said...

I could never do it.

please keep us posted on how youre feeling!

Crystal said...

We're all rooting for you Jen. Let us know how you are doing!

"4 oz" said...

Hey! I like the makeover you gave your blog! Very nice! So what are the benefits of this cleanse?

Unknown said...

If my calculations are correct, you should 16 hours in by now. Maybe more by the time you wake up. I hope you can sleep extra late today.

I've done raw food/juice cleanses quite a few times and the ones that start with fasts really do help you feel the benefits much faster.

It's rough though, no doubt. Hang in there. Keeping busy helps, but it can be hard to make that happen. Another thing that helped me was very light yoga stretching and meditation. I found even though my mind was a little fuzzy, the meditation was really satisfying.

Charlie Hills said...

I tried my first twenty-four hour, water-only fast earlier this year. Then I did it a second time. I actually liked it. I'm sure that's not normal. Details on the first one here:

Shelley said...

I hope you are doing ok on your fast. I tend to get VERY skeptical of cleanses that start with extreme fasts like that since I think it feeds into the "quick fix" mentality that is in diets.

I just hope you are being safe. Just curious, the literature says that the fast is important because it gets you to focus on things besides food. Did you find that true or did you think about food EVEN more since you were being denied it?

Best of luck to you.

Rachel said...

I get the deprivation complex to, as soon as I know I'm not allowed something, I crave it madly! But the fasts do help, distraction is a big help!

Carlos said...

dude that sounds like a nightmare! good luck

Hanlie said...

The first day is the worst... After that it gets really easy!